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Web Designing Company in Chennai

7 Dec

Web Designing

Internet is an only tool for fastest and more reliable stream of business to market products/ services to the global market.

Interactivity with good design, we believe, enhances the sheer surfing experience of a visitor. Over time we have evolved an uncomplicated GUI sense that works well with users.

  • More aesthetic and eye-catching
  • Allow quick downloads and easy to navigate
  • Ensure that most browsers support them
  • More Interactive, Creative and Innovative
  • Pleasant look and mind glowing design
  • Easy use of search engine spiders to index your web site
  • Make the website professional to view it effectively for the customer

NEW GENE TECHNOLOGIES – Software Concern in Chennai

26 Sep

NEW GENE TECHNOLOGIES is an IT services firm providing world-class service in all aspects of enterprise transformation from strategy and processes to information technology with the vision to see beyond the ordinary and power to create real change. New Gene offers a wide spectrum of services, spanning across technologies addressing critical business needs. New Gene believes in efficient time management and assures timely execution of services undertaken.

NEW GENE is a pioneering enterprise solutions provider and focuses on business automation and optimized deployment of computing power to facilitate availability of viable information systems and enhanced communication channels.

We have provided viable software solutions for several firms, and have experienced the success of customer-satisfaction, which is our prime goal in business. We have also acquired over the years, and un-rivaled reputation in providing Web-related solutions for different business houses on various scales.

New Gene provides customized software development, Web designing and Web Application Development. Our expertise extends across a range of technologies internet solutions, Client / Server applications.

New Gene Technologies incorporated in 2004 is focused to and existing for more than 6 years in this field. We have a very good technical team in the order of Project Manager, System Analyst, Team Leader, Software Developer, and Testers.

We are developing customized software as per the client’s requirements using Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports 8.5, PHP, Java Technology, JSP, VB.Net, C # and ASP.Net.

We are the software service provider with excellent support, service and quality. We are able to develop any type of projects with any type of Programming Languages.

We have more than 100 clients based on Trading, manufacturing, real estate, construction, online shopping, matrimonial, Interiors, Cargo and shipping, Transport, Leather industries, etc..

E-Commerce Solution / Online Shopping Cart Application:

14 Apr

Content Management System (CMS)

6 Apr

Content Management System (CMS) is a fast, flexible, dynamic, creative, web based and SEO friendly Software System. A professional is not required to use and handle this system and anyone who can operate compute, can use and handle this CMS System. All contents like Text, Images, Videos, etc. are created as modules and can be updated by admin dynamically.

Irrelevant of your business, our CMS will be useful for website content quality, SEO content optimization, etc. Our CMS software has multiple features like category sections, testimonials, client portfolio, newsletters, press release, knowledge room, case study and many more. We are providing professional and leading CMS solutions in PHP Programming.

This system will have option to search the data by searching for keywords, authors, date of creation, etc. This web based CMS can store and manage a company�s electronic documents so that the employee of the company can reuse the information across different applications. The core application of the CMS is to manage contents during its entire lifecycle of creation through publishing.


User friendly pages in Front and Admin
SEO compatible CMS pages
Text, Images and Videos updates
Download / Upload articles
Business Documents updates
News / Events updates
Modules integration
Training material
Easy User & Group management
Online manual

E-Commerce Solution / Online Shopping Cart Application

6 Apr

This product is online application which is developed using Web Technologies like PHP, XML and databases my SQL. This product can be used in multiple branches with multi user environment through internet and intranet

This product covers Offers, Discounts, Coupons, Specials, Department, Category, Product, Manufacturer, Customer, Redeems, Reviews, Payments, Orders, Sales and Gateway modules. All the Cart Catalogs can be controlled by Admin.
Wish List

Wish List can be created by customer to generate the order quickly whenever they login to purchase the products.

System also maintains customer’s previous purchase lists from which they can edit the products and continue the purchase.
Department / Category

System maintains Department and Category through which searching and purchasing the products are very easy and user-friendly. Product Search can be made based on Department and Category.

Some of the attributes can be set to each product.

Cost price
Sales price
Min. Order Qty
Tax Class
Out of Stock Status
Stock Subtraction
Dimension (L x W x H) and weight

Shopping Cart
At any point of time, customer can check their products purchased in the Cart and it can also be modified before confirming the order. System also keeps the last purchase list in the cart from the last login which was not made into order. Cart keeps Products only for next visit. This feature is very useful when logout the system by time-out error or some other reasons. Customer can also clear their cart whenever they need. Delivery Address will be displayed from Customer master and it can be changed here.

Payment Gateway
When confirming the order, customer has to select the payment mode through Cash, Cheque or Credit Card. When Credit Card is selected, it will be routed to the Payment Gateway. Customer should pay the amount by using Payment Gateway like PayPal, Authorize.Net, Bank Transfer, etc.

Redeem Points
Gift or Discount voucher can be given based on Redeem Value option. System calculates the redeem value for each purchase of each customer. Whenever customer purchases, their redeem points will be calculated and updated. When Max. Redeem Points is reached, customer can avail the gift or discount.

Customer can post their suggestions about Products, Services and website as reviews. Reviews will be displayed in Store Front Catalog.

Discount Coupon can be issued to Customers to avail the Discount on Purchase. Coupon No. is to be given when customer finishes the purchase and before confirming the order. Coupon Usage and Validity can also be given.

Discount & Special
Discount and Special Discount can be given for each Product with validity period. Ex. When purchase 3 Quantities, 5% Discount is allowed.

Free Offer
Offers can also be given for each Product based on Package Purchase. Ex. When purchase 5 Quantities, 1 Qty is free.

Telephone Order
Order received by Telephone can be maintained in the system. Based on the Telephone Order, Delivery can be done. Product Search is given in this module. Customer Id is to be entered for existing customer and New Customer can be created here.

Delivery Order
Based on Online Order and Telephone Order, Delivery of the Products will be confirmed to the Customers by email with Delivery Date/ Time. Invoice will be generated and attached with Delivery Order. For Cash on Delivery option, Payment will be received upon Product Delivery and it will be maintained in the System. Delivery Pending, Customer Outstanding and Sales can be viewed.

Some of the settings can be done to manage the display of products.

Default Items per Page in Admin
Default Items per Page in Catalog
Display Prices with Tax (YES / NO)
Invoice No. Starting
Invoice No. prefix
Default Customer Group
Login Display Price (YES / NO)
Approve New Customer (YES / NO)
Guest Checkout (YES / NO)
Display Stock (YES / NO)
Stock Checkout (YES / NO)
Allow Reviews (YES / NO)
Display Product Weight (YES / NO)

General Features

Product is classified with Category, Sub Category and Brand (Manufacturer).
Search option is given to search any product, category or brand very easily and conveniently.
Customer Reviews option is given.
Customer can be maintained with Customer Group.
Discount Price to some products can be given based on volume of quantities and period of time.
Special Offer Price to some products can be given based on period of time.
Related Products can be assigned to all products.
Product Wish List and Last Purchase List can be maintained thereby minimizing the customer’s searching time.
Customer can view their account information and all previous purchase information.
Product Images can be resized in different locations.
Backup / Restore of data is given.
Import and Export of data to XL is given.
Cash on Delivery option is given thereby maintain the customer outstanding.
Telephone order can also be done.
Pending Delivery can be maintained.

Additional Features

Multi Language
Multi Currency
Import / Export of Data to Excel
Backup / Restore of Data
Error Logs
Tax / Length / Weight Classes
Shipping / Payment details
User / User Groups



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